¡Hola! I’m Mario.

I’m a freelance artist based in Madrid who uses pattern doodles to make products unique and help you practice self-care. Welcome!

How To Draw Geometric Patterns! (FREE Workbook)

Download this drawing guide! It includes:

  • Tons of step by step pattern guides.
  • Practice Sheets to apply what you learn.

Let’s work together!


I'd love to create social media content so you can get more eyes on your brand.


Would you like to print my patterns on your products? My portfolio pieces are available for licensing.


If you need a special piece I'm always open to collaborate on unique patterns or illustrations.

Want To Learn How To Draw Pattern Doodles?

Drawing patterns is a powerful way to relieve stress, practice self-care and train your creativity. I create guides on PATREON to help you draw in your sketchbook or bullet journal everyday. There you’ll find:

  • Pattern Templates
  • Pattern Guides step by step
  • Doodle Exercises for Bullet Journal

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